Sunday, June 8, 2008

Debate on the same-sex marriage

Hi! Here the first speaker :)
The scheme of my initial harangue will be:

· Quotation to the European Human Rights Report (2003) recomending european states to abolish all forms of discrimination against homosexuals (including the meaning of the word discrimination);

· Some very few dates about conuntries in which same-sex marriage is allowed and other forms of recognition such as civil unions and registered partnerships;

· Right to be happy;

· Changes in society and consequently in our mind;

· The fact that mostly of european states are secular (meaning of the word secular that does not stand for atheism) and that the church should not be intrusive in such matter.

Maybe I’m going to change a little bit the scheme( I’m thinking on the end of it) but our against-reasons are well-known :) and I think we only have to say what goes through our mind.


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