Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Conflicts between the Hazaras and the Pashtun Kuchis

In recent Afghan news, villagers have been forced out of their villiages by "gunmen said to be allied with the talibans." In the province of Wardak, Behsood there are dozens of deserted villages due to the Kuchis-Pashtuns wanting to claim the Shi´a Muslim Hazaras´ land as their own. In this article, the Hazaras are convinced that the attacks are because of the revenge the Taliban seek for the Hazaras. However, representatives of the Kuchi Noman say that the attacks have nothing to do with Taliban sympathies, and claim that it is "entirely to do with long-standing competition between Hazaras and Kuchis. Around a dozen Hazaras have been reported killed or injured in fighting and hundreds of livestock stolen in Kuchi raids. Another eight Hazaras were reported missing yesterday(08/07/2007)". Another problem is that the Hazaras have already informed their government, after not sending any troops to Wardak even one month after the attacks began, but until now they have had no success. Obaidullah Sabawoon stated, "There is a lot of fear in Wardak but the fighting has not been heavy, there have been reports by the Hazaras of schools being burned and the Taliban flag being raised but we have not found evidence of this." Also, Haji Naim Kuchi, a representative of the Kuchi Nomads in Kabul affirms that "The Hazaras are using these lies about the Taliban to try to get the international community on their side. These areas are Kuchi lands and we have the documents to prove it." He also claimed that it was the Hazaras that were brutally attacking the Kuchis causing the death of a young man.

Unfortunately, the ethnic fight between Hazaras and Kuchi (who in the most part are Pashtuns) is no where near an end. Not only is there a international war going on but also a civil war between two groups of people who live in the same country. And possibly the gravest of all problems is that people are being killed and the government is not assisting those in need because of the lack of evidence.


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