Sunday, April 6, 2008

Major Themes

Personally I think that the narrative is based mainly on the themes of relationships, loyalty, jealousy and redemption. The story takes it´s tragic turn when Amir observes statically as Hassan is raped. From that point on everything in their life changes, and Amir will fight an inner battle between his heavy consciousness and the desire to forget and carry on with his life, but many years later he is granted the chance to “make good again”…
From another perspective and reading level, we get an insight of the Afghani society and culture ,before and after the Russian invasion and the Taliban oppressor Regime.
Altogether I think this book tells a great story, that could really take place in any part of the world but with this particular context and scenarios, it gets a greater dimension. After I finished reading the book I became much more curious about Afghanistan culture and history, which led me to some researches and readings that made change some pre conceived ideas.

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