Monday, April 28, 2008

Presentation - Hazaras

"The Hazara's Mongolian features stand out among the many people groups of Afghanistan. The term “Hazara” is believed to have come from the Persian word “Hazar,” meaning one thousand. Some say after the Mongol ruler Genghis Khan conquered this region, he left part of his army here to protect his new holdings. The “Thousand” refer to the those warriors who were left behind."

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HazarasForEver said...

Hazaras are in Hazarajat and this is the Pashtoons that stole and masscared us for over a hundred years and still bull shitting that it was hazaras that attacked kuchis??????So out of minds and reality you afhan ppl are still and willing to deny any rights to know what I hope your eyes will always be blind and may God give you the worst punishment ever in the world for the crimes you have done against HAZARAS.